Established in 1971, our company offers technical services and specializes in representation, import, local distribution, and stock sales. Over 50 years in services, we have been building up long term and steady partnership with the customers and suppliers. At present, we have already become one of the important suppliers of chemical raw materials in Taiwan .

In 2022, the company's capital (NTD) has exceeded 6.4 billion yuan, serves as a franchise partner more than 3,000 worldwide suppliers.With 850 staff in the world, UNION CHEMICAL GROUP achieved US$1 billion in 2021 revenue.Ranked 169th in the service industry by CommonWealth Magazine, 11th in the trade industry by Trade Magazine in August 2021, and 470th in Taiwanese companies by the China Credit Information Service in July 2022.

With the sound financial background, enthusiastic services and experienced team work, we have obtained the trust, affirmation and support from our suppliers and customers. As a result, our business have been growing year by year and smoothly expanded into fields of supplying chemical raw materials for such relevant industries as the plastics, rubber, paint, food, electron, plastic membrane, tape, lithium battery, industrial paper, cosmetics, medicines, water treatment, dye and pigment, etc.

Apart from dealing in trade of chemical raw materials and inorder, to meet with customer's various demands, we also invest in the production of special chemicals and terminals for liquid chemicals storage, which gradually plays an important part in our further investment. At present, trading, manufacturing and tank storage have already become our core businesses.

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